by Pam Hughes

How to Navigate a Code Freeze

Calling all Agile Alliance members!

Join us next week for the latest edition of deliver:Agile Live! a series of monthly virtual sessions that explore technical topics and focus on how to support Agile practitioners and grow good Agile engineering practices in remote settings.

Don’t miss “How to Navigate a Code Freeze” on Tuesday, November 17

9:00–10:30am PT | 12:00–1:30pm ET | 5:00–6:30pm CET

by Ellen Grove

February 2021 will mark the 20th anniversary of a pivotal moment in the history of the Agile movement, specifically the creation of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

Earlier this year Scott Seivwright, an Agile coach based in Scotland, casually floated the idea of bringing the global Agile community together to celebrate and reflect on the past 20+ years of Agility, and to engage in conversations about where Agile is going. …

by Juan Banda

Video is in Spanish

Continuing my series of Spanish interviews for Agile Alliance, this time I had the great pleasure of talking with Miguel Viera, a developer, who together with his colleagues from Codesai provide consulting and technical mentoring in Spain.

Miguel is passionate about the technical side of Agility and his interest these days includes Domain Driven Design (DDD), a subject he decided to talk about in the interview.

He began by offering a definition of Domain Driven Design: For him, DDD is…

by Ryan Latta

On October 15th, Agile Alliance’s deliver:Agile Live! event hosted a panel on the unique challenges technical job seekers may be facing during the pandemic.

There have been many requests for a short cheat sheet that summarizes the most important tips and tricks. This is that sheet.

What should I put in front of hiring managers (Resume, LinkedIn, GitHub, etc)?

  • Resumes are still the primary thing you use. A bad resume is a no right off the bat.
  • LinkedIn is used heavily by recruiters…

by Cat Swetel

Woody Zuill, widely credited with discovering mob programming while working at Hunter Industries, describes mobbing (or ensemble programming, as the practice is also known) as “a software development approach where the whole team works on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer”.

During a global pandemic, “in the same space, and at the same computer” can get a little challenging. Is mob programming even possible in a remote setting? If so, how do we make it work? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Broadly, these are the questions we…

by Shane Hastie and Craig Smith

The Agile Alliance Agile Coaching Ethics initiative is developing a code of ethical conduct to raise coaching standards in Agile coaching and amplify the value of the profession.

We have researched ethical behaviors and existing codes of ethical conduct across a range of organizations and identified opportunities where deeper knowledge and guidance would benefit Agile coaches and our clients. …

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