Agile to Agile

The Scope of Inventory

The Current State

The Business Case

A Daunting Challenge

  • “Customer” perspectives define the value of the product.
  • “Customers” (or Users) receive the product upon release.
  • Sponsor(s) authorize the product.
  • The Product Owner represents the business (and customer) during planning and development and approves Acceptance Testing.
  • Self-organized Development Teams create the product.
  • The Agile Team facilitates the framework to ensure its success.

A Unique Agile Model

  • Unit Managers and Sponsors define product value.
  • Unit Managers develop the product.
  • Unit Managers, Sponsors and other Stakeholders (such as Finance and Audit) approve Acceptance Testing.
  • And the Agile team act as servant leaders but also had to assume some Product Owner duties such as guiding the backlog of work.
  1. Iterations and Increments
  1. “Done” & Acceptance Criteria


The Results

Rediscovering Agile



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