[Cheat Sheet] Starting, Sustaining, and Growing Your Technical Career in a Pandemic

by Ryan Latta

On October 15th, Agile Alliance’s deliver:Agile Live! event hosted a panel on the unique challenges technical job seekers may be facing during the pandemic.

There have been many requests for a short cheat sheet that summarizes the most important tips and tricks. This is that sheet.

What should I put in front of hiring managers (Resume, LinkedIn, GitHub, etc)?

  • Resumes are still the primary thing you use. A bad resume is a no right off the bat.

What’s a recruiter and how can they help?

  • Internal recruiters work for the company itself, and as soon as you talk to them you’re being interviewed.

What are technical interviews like for developers?

  • There is a proof-of-life, phone screen, several technical interviews, HR, and sometimes leadership.

What are technical interviews like for non-developers?

  • It varies a lot unfortunately.

How should I go about negotiating?

  • If you’re working with a third-party recruiter, talk to them. A good recruiter will get you the best offer without you realizing it.

What about remote work because of COVID? Should I ask for equipment?

  • Everyone is asking about how to work well remotely. Have a story ready for the question.

If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to me, Swift Burch III, and Cat Swetel.

Originally published at https://www.agilealliance.org on October 22, 2020.

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