How to Navigate a Code Freeze

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2 min readNov 13, 2020

by Pam Hughes

How to Navigate a Code Freeze

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During the winter holidays and shopping season, many companies institute a code freeze — halting all production deployments. Although the efficacy of code freezes is hotly debated, they are a reality for many technologists. This can be confusing.

Learn how to better navigate a Code Freeze with 3 top technical experts:

  • Sarah Aslanifar
    Sarah is a software engineer and technical lead with over 15 years of experience at companies ranging from over 75,000 employees to her own two-person startup. She is currently the Interim CTO at CarAdvise.
  • Rob Myers
    Rob has 35 years of professional experience in software development, and over 20 as an Agile coach, and trainer of TDD, BDD, CSD, and XP. His first book, Essential Test-Driven Development is due out in 2021.
  • Michele Guthrie
    Michele has been gracing the realms of Technology since the 1980s. Served in a variety of tech roles such as engineer, PM, Scrum Master, and currently RTE.

Explore these questions and more with our expert panel:

  • If there are no production deployments, what should development teams be doing during a code freeze?
  • Is the practice of code freeze having the desired effect, i.e. stable performance, and decreased incidents?
  • If not, what are better approaches for evolving towards those goals?

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Sarah Aslanifar, Founder/CEO at Tested Minds
Sarah Aslanifar, Interim CTO, CarAdvise
Rob Myers, Principal Agile Instructor & Coach, Agile for All
Rob Myers, Principal Agile Instructor & Coach, Agile for All
Michele Guthrie, Principle, Guthrie Consulting



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