Success with Incremental Delivery

Success With Incremental Delivery

One of our internal customers had been having a lot of problems scaling how they work.

  • The first part involves creating a new Excel spreadsheet, manually matrixing data into complex strings, highlighting the new rows (added or modified) in yellow, adding it to version control, and then submitting it for a manual upload data entry process.
  • The second process involves checking out an existing spreadsheet, adding new data matrix rows, de-highlighting previous “new/updated” rows, highlighting in yellow the new rows, and then submitting them for the same manual upload data entry process. We were called in for two reasons. First, because of inconsistent data being uploaded and the need to double and triple-check data in/out of our system for being correct. Secondly, the process is very labor-intensive and requires high attention to detail resulting in making scaling up problematic.

Deliverable #1

Deliverable #2

Deliverable #3

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