Supporting Agile Adoption Workshop 2019

  1. Everybody’s top insights from 2019
  2. Organizational design
  3. “Agile’s” role in and support of sustainability
  • The resilience of biological systems and how knowledge about that can be used in companies
  • Steve Morlidge’s work on how to present data from a brain science point of view
  • Reflexive inquiry as an approach to embrace systems thinking in consultancy/organizational coaching contexts
  • Executive Agile Leadership development — emphasizing the aspect of personal value-add to create a stronger pull
  • How Obeya structures can support performance dialogues
  • Autonomy and cross-organizational networking: How autonomous teams are maybe not the most ideal teams, but the most connected teams in an organization
  • How Organizational Agility in the wild is still in its infancy
  • How business models beat product strategies
  • What motivates young people
  • The broad spectrum of coaching skills, practices, and tools in an organization — from individual, over team- and group- towards organizational coaching
  • Knowledge-creating companies: the SECI model of knowledge dimensions
  • How responsibility and sustainability are starting to become a major disruptive force. (We have seen a few examples, where companies needed to change their business direction because employees didn’t support the direction set by management, example: CHEF)



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