Webinar Recap: Effective Retrospectives in the Age of Coronavirus

Setting the stage. Gathering data. Encouraging participation. Making your team feel safe.

Remote Retrospectives: Where To Begin

Set The Stage — Virtually

  • With a remote team, structure is more important than ever. Experts recommend putting a heavy focus on maintaining structure and constantly informing teammates where you’re at along the way.
  • Check-ins are imperative — not only to keep track of work but also to humanize the distributed experience and show a sense of understanding.
  • A check-in can be something as simple as having team members identify how they’re feeling by choosing a word from a list of adjectives, or it can be a check-in on the core-protocols of the company. It’s important to note the constantly changing state of the world and with that comes a constant need for agility as a team, a core-protocols check-in is a good way to manage any confusion.
  • Keep in mind, a check-in is different from an icebreaker and the two shouldn’t be used interchangeably. A check-in identifies where team members stand mentally, while an icebreaker can be a way to get to know someone.
  • To keep check-ins from becoming an hour-long chat about life, make them visual and engaging, giving people a chance to think about things and write or draw them out prior to answering out loud.

Gather The Data

Be Prepared

  • Not solely in the form of data implementation but also across the retrospective, being prepared is key to success for the entire team.
  • Diana Larsen shared:

Questions & Answers From The Webinar‍

Question: What are some suggestions for a fun, mind-freeing retrospective?

Question: How do you boost psychological safety in your retrospectives?

Question: How do you build psychological safety when working from home?

Question: How do you deal with action items and follow-through?

Question: Video or no video? How do you create engagement when not everyone is comfortable?

Question: If you had to pick one technique or game that works for remote teams for a retrospective what would it be?



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